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♡NEW VIDEOS WED-SUN 2PM EST♡ ✚ Hey! My name is Nadja aka The VoodooChild and thank you for watching my video! Hopefully you'll subscribe, hit the notification button, and become a part of The Voodoo Tribe✚ ϟ FOR BUSINESS INQUIRES PLEASE CONTACT SHOPATVOODOOCHILD@GMAIL.COM ϟ ▲ TO SUBMIT YOUR TRIBE TEA CONTACT BELOW▲ NADJASUCKS@GMAIL.COM ° MORE PLACES TO FIND ME ONLINE ° ✛ MY ART, CLOTHING, AND COMMISSIONS ✛ ✛ INSTAGRAM: @THEREALVOODOOCHILD ✛ ✛ TWITTER : @SHESVOODOOCHILD ✛ ✛ SNAPCHAT: NADJATHEGYPSY ✛ ♢ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ♢ Q: What’s your ethnicity? A: I'm mixed with Puerto Rican and Haitian Q: How old are you? A: My birthday is June 6, 1996 Q: What camera do you use? A: Cannon t5i, iPhone 6s, GoPro Hero 3+ Q: What editing program do you use? A: Final Cut Pro X/Premiere Pro