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Check out this mind-blowing compilation of realistic dolls that will blow your mind! These dolls were created by Anastasia and Sergey Lutsenko. The artists received a classical artistic education; they're painters and teachers by profession. In 2005 they graduated from the Krasnodar Art School. Their interests at that time were limited to classical art. They later began to do work in the sphere of graphic design after graduating from the Kuban State University of Culture and Arts. Her passion for dolls began at the moment when Anastasia attended a course on "a static doll from a living doll" in 2010. At that time she was still a student in her 6th year at the Institute of Culture. After graduating from university in 2011, in September, Anastasia went to St. Petersburg to learn new materials and a new kind of puppet art. Having completed a course on the hinge doll, she realized that she had found the kind of puppet art that she wanted to do. Sergey came to this kind of art much later, in 2012. At that time, Anastasia had students, so Sergey saw all the stages of the production process. In the beginning he was attracted by the purely technical manufacturing process, but now he can't imagine his life without BJD dolls! The process of creating a hinge doll is complicated and involves multiple stages. It can take several months to create a doll, ranging from a master model to a finished doll. Anastasia and Sergey don't always make preliminary sketches or keep an image of a doll in mind. Moreover, the doll may eventually be far from the conceived idea; there is an element of improvisation. Each doll has its own character that is revealed in the process of work. To create a doll, they use porcelain and polyurethane. The dolls are absolutely limited edition. Anastasia and Sergey try to do something new each time, not stopping at what has already been achieved. Each doll has its own history, its own unique image. Decorative elements such as "carving" are made on a single copy, which is not repeated with other dolls. Anastasia and Sergey take inspiration from real life; it's always interesting for them to look at different people, find interesting characters in a crowd and imagine how they can represent them in a doll. They are inspired by everything related to the visual arts: photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, and more! Via: Music by Epidemic Sound: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Now I've Seen Everything : Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More articles: