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Destiny 2 Live Stream | "Confessions Of A Bad JuJu Owner!!!" (Destiny 2 Live Grind)

2019-07-11 21 1 238 YouTube

Hey YOU, I am Monztah J and I'm a full-time Destiny 2 streamer on PS4. I stream a variety of Destiny 2 activities like raids, gambit, gambit prime, crucible - quickplay, crucible - competitive, vanguard strikes, and more! I often play with viewers and subscribers on both platforms, so join up on me and let's see what we can do! ❎Chat Commands - !psn !twitter !instagram !patron !tip !gtag !xbox !border 🎲 Chat Games - !gambit (amount) !duel (Target's YT Name) 🔔Don't forget to hit that NOTIFICATION BELL!🔔 💰Leave Me A Tip Click Here: 👾Become An Elite Click Here: 😎Follow Me On Twitter: 😃Follow Me On Insta: What are the rules for chat? • Be respectful to others. • No website links/referrals • No racism/sexism etc • No follow/sub requests • ​No Spamming Caps, Emojis, & etc. 📅 Streaming Schedule || Monday - Friday [9:00 AM - 3:00 PM] || Saturday [8:00 AM - 12:00 PM] || Sunday [Surprise] 🕹️ Currently Streaming :: Destiny 2 || Borderlands Series || Gears Series #Destiny2Stream #Destiny2LiveStream #BadJuJu #Destiny2Live #Destiny2Gameplay