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EMC 2019 | Singles, Squad 1

2019-06-12 19 2 8,896 YouTube

Livestream of the European Men Championships 2019 at Dream Bowl Palace in Munich. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singles, Squad 1: Wednesday, June 12th 2019, 9am ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Livescoring: All results: Pattern: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The stream will mostly start after the practice time is over. That's usually 10 minutes after the squad has started. If I start the stream earlier, Sound will be muted during practice. There are multiple camera available, which you can switch manually. If you are watching on the laptop or PC: Hover the mouse over the video and push the button with the 2 arrows on the bottom of the video and choose your camera. If you are watching on a mobile device: Close the Live-chat under the video first. Then press the arrow-down button. You should see the description now. As soon as the stream starts, the links for the other cameras are in the description. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Camera 1 (Lanes 5-8): Camera 2 (Lanes 11-14): Camera 3 (Lanes 19-22): Camera 4 (Lanes 27-30): Camera 5 (Lanes 33-36): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now enjoy the stream and get in contact with us using the chatbox on the right side, if you like to. If you like the stream please like us on facebook: And of course subscribe our channel not to miss any upcoming livestream and other new videos.